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Council Candidate Posts Group Photo Sparking Outrage.

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Harrison ward candidate Rohit Singh has been criticized over a social media post that he uploaded today on Facebook in which he appears to be breaking current Chief Health Officer’s directions..

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Rohit is known for his election promise of turning Wyndham into a ‘Silicon Valley’ and provide many jobs to locals.

Rohit is seen in the photo crouching down in front of a group of six others he labelled in the post as his ‘team’.

Wyndham TV contacted Rohit for a statement in regards to the photo to which his first reply was , “It wasn’t me. When further questioned he said that he would take it down and that he did not want the story to run.

He contacted Wyndham TV after removing the post and said it was a “fake picture”.

Locals are outraged and have taken to social media to condemn the actions. One resident posted, “This is why we can not control the virus because people like this do not obey the laws. This is not an example I would be setting to the community if I was running for council!!! Please read the social distancing COVID laws the community has to follow .. #36”.