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Council Closes All Sporting Grounds After Heavy Rain


Following the recent heavy rainfall in Wyndham, the local council has made the decision to close all sporting ovals and reserves for the next 24 hours. This measure affects sporting clubs across various codes, disrupting scheduled training sessions and events

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With significant rainfall occurring yesterday and overnight, concerns have arisen regarding the safety and usability of the grounds. The decision to close the sporting facilities aims to ensure the well-being of both athletes and the public, as waterlogged fields pose risks of injury and damage.

All sporting clubs are advised to cancel their training sessions scheduled for tonight, as no activities will be permitted on the ovals and grounds until Wednesday, April 3rd, at 4:00 PM. This closure extends to all sporting codes utilizing the affected facilities, impacting a wide range of athletes and teams in the community.

The council urges the public to adhere to these closures and refrain from using the grounds during this period. Additionally, the Parks team will conduct reassessments of all grounds and reserves tomorrow, with further updates and messaging to be provided accordingly.

Concerns have been raised regarding the communication of these closures to sporting clubs, with some members of the public questioning whether clubs have been adequately informed beyond social media posts. Transparency and effective communication between the council and local sporting organizations are crucial to ensure the smooth implementation of such measures and minimize disruptions for athletes and clubs.

While the council has not explicitly stated whether the closure includes artificial turf surfaces, it appears that all surfaces are affected. The closure of sporting grounds encompasses both natural and artificial playing fields, prioritizing public safety and minimizing risks associated with the inclement weather conditions.

Local residents and sporting enthusiasts are encouraged to stay updated on further announcements from the council regarding the status of the sporting grounds and any additional measures to be implemented in response to the weather conditions.

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