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Council Proposes Speed Limit Drop and Less Parking Spaces.

Synnot Street Speed limit

An independent review of sight lines along Synnot Street in Werribee was conducted recently to identify potential safety issues at driveway exit points from abutting commercial properties, including car parks.

The review considered the driver sight lines under the current 60km/h speed limit, as well as 50km/h and 40 km/h as a reduction in speed limit reduces the sight lines required, and in turn the number of on-street car parks impacted.

While parking supply is always considered to be a premium in the Werribee City Centre, it is proposed that it should not compromise safety.

In light of this, Wyndham City Council is proposing that consultation is undertaken for the removal of 16 parking spaces on Synnot Street and reducing the speed limit on Synnot Street to 50km/h in order to improve sight lines and safety.

The proposal to adopt the 50km/h option acknowledges that while in some City Centres a speed limit of 40km/h may be adopted for high pedestrian traffic areas, Synnot Street is also functioning as a Declared Main Road and as such also provides a traffic movement function.

Council said that the proposal is “a measured balance that minimises the number of parking bays to be removed but also provides a significant improvement in safety.”

Council will vote on the proposal in their ordinary council meeting tonight 25th of October 2022.

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