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Council Says ‘Yes’ to Optus Mobile Tower, Residents Say ‘No’.

mobile phone tower hoppers

Wyndham City Council last night approved a planning permit application for the use and Development of a new mobile phone base station facility on privately owned land at 599 Sayers Road, Hoppers Crossing.

The monopole base station will be 32.5 metres high overall with nine panel antennas and will include ground-level outdoor bay equipment cabinets.

Some residents were not happy about the proposal and attended the council’s planning committee meeting on Tuesday night 13th of April to object to the tower at the site, which is currently occupied by a single storey medical centre building and associated car park. 

One resident went to the meeting and stated that he was concerned about the radiation levels and the effects it would have on his body as he lives close by. He said that Wi-Fi was efficient to make calls and a tower was not needed as 95% of people have internet at home to make calls.


Another resident stood before council to say, “The tower would be too close to my house and my wife has cancer and already gets enough radiation without the pole.”

70 letters were sent out to locals around the area regarding the proposal and a total of 30 objections were received.

The tower will be in the corner of the carpark.

The councils strategic and town planning report said that the site has been deemed to be the most appropriate location to achieve the required mobile coverage objectives for the growth of the area and that the proposed telecommunications facilities’ radio frequency emissions comply with the Radiation Protection Standard – Maximum Exposure Levels to Radiofrequency Fields- 3kHz to 300GHz, ARPANSA, May 2002.