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Council Urges Removal of Unregistered and Abandoned Vehicles From Public Places


Wyndham City Council is asking all residents to help create a cleaner, visually appealing and safer environment by removing any unregistered and abandoned vehicles from public land and property.

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 Mayor Cr Susan McIntyre and Community Safety portfolio holder have stressed the importance of this, saying:We want our municipality to look welcoming and well maintained. Abandoned and unregistered vehicles are often unsightly and can be a risk to the community, Cr McIntyre continued.They take up parking spaces that are intended for residents, creating a shortage and congestion on our streets.

Council officers conduct regular checks of all unregistered and abandoned cars on Council land, and if found, will place an Abandoned Vehicle sticker and information card on the car, warning the owner that it may be towed away if not removed from the road within 21 days.

During this time, the owner will have to pay all costs associated with towing and impounding the vehicle, or risk it being sold at Auction or destroyed. If a car is registered and left on a road, nature strip or any Council land for two months, Council will observe that it has remained stationary for that time and it will be considered abandoned and towed away, with notice.

If you believe an unregistered car is on the road, you can check its registration on the VicRoads website prior to contacting Council to follow up. To report an abandoned or unregistered vehicle, call 1300 023 411 or email mail@Wyndham.vic.gov.au

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