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Council Votes to Ban Heavy Transport Trucks on Thames Boulevard

Trucks banned Thames Boulevard

Council takes decisive action to address safety concerns and reduce truck traffic on key thoroughfare.

At tonight’s ordinary council meeting, the Wyndham City Council voted in favour of a petition requesting the restriction of heavy transport trucks on Thames Boulevard and the implementation of safer speed limits. The decision came after an extensive assessment of the situation and widespread support from the community.

The petition, submitted on June 6, 2023, called for the council to take action against the high volume of heavy commercial vehicles, especially trucks, that were using Thames Boulevard. Concerned residents had raised the issue due to safety concerns and the impact on local traffic.

Council’s response to the petition included three key recommendations. Firstly, they endorsed an assessment of the posted speed limit along Thames Boulevard. Secondly, it was revealed that prior to receiving the petition, the council had already made a formal submission to the Department of Transport and Planning to implement a truck ban on the boulevard. The good news was that the formal approval for the truck ban had now been received. Lastly, the lead petitioner was notified of the council’s decisions accordingly.

Data collected as part of a formal assessment showed that an unexpectedly high number of commercial vehicles, particularly trucks, were using Thames Boulevard as an alternative to the surrounding main road network. This finding led the council to take action by formally proposing the truck ban to the Department of Transport and Planning.

Thames Boulevard truck ban
Thames Boulevard runs from Werribee through to Tarneit

Council officers proactively notified residents about the proposed truck ban and received overwhelming support from the community. The Department of Transport and Planning’s approval paved the way for the implementation of the truck ban, set to be in effect from early August. Once the ban is enforced, only trucks with legitimate local purposes, such as deliveries, rubbish collections, road maintenance, and emergency services, will be permitted to use Thames Boulevard.

In addition to addressing the truck volume issue, the council is also focused on road safety. To this end, they will assess the speed limit on Thames Boulevard. Speed limits play a crucial role in traffic control, and any proposed reductions require approval from the Department of Transport and Planning. Council officers will gather speed data to determine if there is an issue with excessive speeding, and if necessary, they will consider the appropriate speed limit and potential traffic calming measures.

The decision to ban heavy transport trucks and assess the speed limit on Thames Boulevard aligns with Wyndham City Council’s commitment to creating a quality, sustainable, and accessible transport network that prioritizes community safety. The council’s action also reflects their dedication to the objectives outlined in the Wyndham 2040 plan.

Funding for the required signage, line-marking, and potential traffic calming measures will be drawn from existing operational budgets, ensuring that the implementation remains financially sustainable.

Council’s decision to approve the truck ban and conduct a speed assessment demonstrates their responsiveness to community concerns and their commitment to enhancing road safety within the city. The forthcoming changes aim to make Thames Boulevard safer for all road users, fostering a more pleasant and secure environment for residents and visitors alike.

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