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Councillor Asked to Step Down After Allegedly Verbally Abusing Local.

Wyndham City New Councillors Mayor Nov 2020 by Donna Indie Lane LR 48

Image: Wyndham City


Wyndham City Council members held a meeting tonight (VIDEO OF MEETING BELOW)  to discuss allegations that Cr. Peter Maynard verbally abused a man suffering with mental health issues.

In a letter written by Councillors Heather Marcus, Josh Gilligan and Mia Shaw to the acting CEO, they have asked for him to step down as deputy mayor.

Josh Gilligan was involved in an online rant with a member of the public as Mayor in 2020.

A source has advised Wyndham TV that the man he abused had asked Cr. Maynard why he supported a hotel on Watton Street in Werribee when there is alcohol served that can lead to domestic violence.

It is alleged he told the man to F*** off twice and that Cr. Maynard said that he wasn’t interested in his opinion.



Cr. Maynard also came under scrutiny in 2015 for similar allegations where he had made what were deemed as unacceptable comments towards another election candidate.

In the council meeting this evening Cr. Gilligan made the accusation that Cr. Maynard had said that “he would do it again given the opportunity”.

The motion to decide the Councilor’s fate at the meeting was not upheld and council is dealing with the alleged issue using their current policies and procedures.