COVID-19: 24 Hours, $188K in Fines Issued.

Seven people at a dinner party are among those receiving fines issued in the past 24 hours.

Victoria Police conducted 835 spot checks at homes, businesses and non-essential services across the state as part of Operation Sentinel.

Since 21 March, Victoria Police have conducted a total of 16,039 spot checks, with 114 fines being issued in the past 24 hours

 Examples of breaches that resulted in fines over the past 24 hours include:

  • Seven people issued infringements after gathering at a house for a dinner party.
  • Three mates who were playing video games in a loungeroom and did not live together.
  • Four people fined after being found walking the streets seeking drugs.
  • A group of friends issued infringements for hanging out in a park.

Police are not providing further details regarding the locations or ages of the offenders.

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