COVID-19: Point Cook a Non-Compliant Hotspot.

In the past 24 hours, Victoria Police officers have issued 142 fines to those breaching the directions given by the Chief Health Officer in relation to staying at home, restricted activity and isolation directions as per the State of Emergency declared in Victoria.

The total number of fines is now 199.

Majority of these breaches were in relation to people being out of their usual place of residence and attending disruptive parties in houses, or gathering in public parks.

These were occurring state-wide in places such as Point Cook, Horsham, Ringwood, Nurrabiel and Flemington.

This type of conduct is simply unacceptable and unfortunately it seems some people in the community are still not getting the message.

The message is very clear to the Victorian community.

There are only four reasons why you should leave home – to get essential goods and services, for care and other compassionate reasons, to work or study, or to exercise. Outside of these reasons, people must stay home.


Deputy Commissioner Shane Patton said, “while the majority of the Victorian community are doing the right thing, there are people that continue to flout the rules and put people’s lives at risk. Our message is this – people should not be leaving their own home for any reason other than the four we have described, if they do there is every chance they will receive a significant fine.”


Police will always apply common sense and in certain circumstances officers will still use discretion, however the expectation on all police officers across the state is that the restrictions are to be enforced.
If a person is in breach of the restrictions around gatherings of more than two people inside or outside the home, or leaving the home for a reason that is not to seek food and supplies, medical care, to exercise, or attend work or education then they will receive an infringement notice of $1652.

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