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Cowies Hill Water Tower’s $150K Decorative Lighting Project.

Cowies Hill Tower scaled

Cowies Hill, a low lava hill in Tarneit, is home to a large water tower that will soon be receiving some state government-funded decorative night lighting.

The project, which will come with a $150,000.00 price tag, is designed to celebrate this prominent Tarneit feature which is located at the corner of Annaliese Street and Pauline Way.

Specialist lighting designers will be collaborating with Wyndham City Council, Greater Western Water, and Melbourne Water, to develop a proposal that can include a range of different lighting and projection features.

The local community will be consulted on the proposed designs as they are developed with installation due to be completed by mid-2022.

The project is part of the Suburban Revitalisation program of which $2.5 million is being invested into Tarneit.