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Crackdown on Dodgy Rentals

Dodgy Rentals in Wyndham

Victorians Can Now Report False Advertisements and Substandard Rental Properties with Ease, Thanks to a Revolutionary Online Form

Victorians, including Wyndham residents who suspect rental properties are being falsely advertised or do not meet minimum standards can now alert Consumer Affairs Victoria (CAV) directly through a new online complaint form.


Victorians looking for rental properties are encouraged to use the form to report concerns. The process takes about five minutes to complete and can be submitted anonymously.

The form aims to simplify the reporting of issues with rental properties, such as inaccurate descriptions or images used in advertisements and breaches of rental minimum standards, including the lack of a functional kitchen or lockable external doors.

Significant penalties apply to estate agents and residential rental providers who violate regulations, with maximum penalties for individuals exceeding $11,000 and $57,000 for businesses. Higher penalties can also apply under Australian Consumer Law for misleading advertisements or other false representations.

Prospective renters, real estate professionals, and other members of the public can use the rental property report form after inspecting a property in person or online. They can provide evidence of their complaint, including uploading photos to show discrepancies between the property advertisement and the actual property.

Allowing a new renter to move into a property that doesn’t meet minimum standards is a criminal offence. Evidence submitted through the form will support efforts to monitor compliance with the law and target inspections and enforcement actions.

The renting taskforce will be embedded within CAV, with recruitment currently underway for additional intelligence analysts, investigators, and lawyers.

The new reporting form complements the Housing Statement’s initiatives, which include banning all types of rental bidding, restricting rent increases between successive fixed-term rental agreements, and delivering a $7.8 million Rental Stress Support Package to aid tenants in need.

To access the rental property report form, visit consumer.vic.gov.au/rental-listing.

Renters wanting to raise issues with their current rental properties can continue to use the general enquiry form at consumer.vic.gov.au/contact-us/resolve-your-problem/general-enquiry.

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