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Crime Rate Up in Wyndham According to Latest Crime Statistics

Wyndham Crime Rate

In Wyndham last year, car thefts decreased, marking a shift in the top reported crimes for the first time since 2020. With 1,970 vehicle thefts reported in 2023, down from 2,144 in 2022, other theft types rose to the forefront, totaling 2,085 instances.


Family violence order breaches and criminal damage also ranked high in common crimes. Despite a 5.2% rise in total crimes to 18,574 instances, the crime rate per 100,000 people only slightly increased, remaining below the state average. 

Victoria Police attribute the stability in crime rates, even after adjusting for population growth, to effective policing strategies, including operations targeting break-ins and unsafe driving. These efforts have notably reduced house and car break-ins.

Werribee experienced the highest crime rate within Wyndham, followed by Hoppers Crossing. The majority of crimes occurred in residential areas, and family violence incidents rose slightly above the state average.

Arrest night
Crime Category 2023 Numbers 2022 Numbers Change
Stealing from a motor vehicle 1,970 2,144 Decrease
Other theft 2,085 1,780 Increase
Breaching family violence orders 1,702 1,668 Increase
Total Criminal Offences 18,574 17,648 Increase
Crime Rate (per 100,000) 5,746.8 5,709.0 Slight Increase

Top 3 Suburbs by Crime Numbers in 2023:

  1. Werribee: 5,136 (up from 4,972 in 2022)
  2. Hoppers Crossing: 3,004
  3. Tarneit, Point Cook, and Truganina follow with substantial totals.

Common Locations for Crimes:

  • Houses: 6,958 in 2023 (down from 7,034 in 2022)
  • Streets, lanes, and footpaths: 2,398 (same as 2022)
  • Shopping complexes, driveways/carports, and other retail locations also noted with fewer incidents compared to the previous year.

Family Violence:

  • Incidents in 2023: 4,496 (up from 4,299 in 2022)
  • Rate of family violence offending per 100,000 people: 1,391.1, slightly above the Victorian average of 1,384.7.
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