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Crop House Discovered in New Estate

Crop House Mambourin

Investigators find hidden grow operation with bypassed electricity meter, sparking community concerns

A hidden crop house was discovered on Generation Crescent in Mambourin yesterday morning, leaving locals surprised.

Police are investigating reports of an alleged burglary at the property on 10 July at approximately 1.30am.

On police attendance, a number of marijuana plants were located inside the property. Detectives were seen at the property later that morning around 9:30 a.m.


The covert crop house had bypassed the electricity meter, enabling it to operate using free power. 

During the search, numerous mature plants were seized, and additional plants were found and catalogued in the garage. The duration of the house’s operation as a grow house is yet to be determined.

Crop House in Mambourin
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 The investigation is ongoing as law enforcement works to unravel the identities involved and ascertain the full extent of the illicit operation.

The discovery has caused concern within the local community, emphasizing the need for vigilance against criminal activities in residential areas.

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