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Defiling the Dead at Werribee Cemetery.

Grave desecration Werribee

Locals visiting Werribee Cemetery this morning 26th of December, were confronted with a scene that was very much out of the ordinary.

The picture shown was sent in to us this morning and depicts the defiling of the graves at the Werribee Cemetery. Several sex dolls have been placed on one of the graves in the cemetery and were seen by onlookers this morning.

One witness said they “actually had a good laugh when they saw it”.

Wyndham TV  contacted The Greater Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust in regards to the incident, and a spokesperson described it as “terrible” and immediately spoke to security to check the area and remove the life-size dolls.

 Desecration is defined as violating something that is sacred and involves intentional acts of vandalismtheft or destruction in places where humans are interred: this includes body snatching. 

It has long been considered taboo to desecrate or otherwise violate graves or grave markers of the deceased, and in modern times it has been prohibited by law. 

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