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Deputy Mayor Accused of Bullying

Jasmine Hill

Image: Wyndham City


Wyndham City Council’s deputy mayor has been accused of serious misconduct and barred from communicating with staff following a bullying investigation.

Last night, Tuesday 27th September, a Notice of Motion was put to a vote at the ordinary council meeting to determine whether Deputy Mayor Jasmine Hill should be investigated by an independent conduct panel.

Cr. Josh Gilligan claims Cr. Jasmine Hill, threatened to hurt him if her name was ever mentioned publicly regarding the allegations.

Cr. Josh Gilligan

The Notice of Motion stated that Wyndham council chief executive Stephen Wall hired a consultant earlier this year to interview affected staff because of “concerns about some councillors’ treatment of staff”.

Several allegations were heard and recorded by the independent consultant, which if proven could constitute serious misconduct.

Gilligan’s motion stated that the consultant’s report, despite being shared with Hill, was never distributed to other councillors as a result of the consultant’s report to the chief executive.

Having exhausted other options, including contacting Melissa Horne and the Local Government Inspectorate, the council’s watchdog, Gilligan raised the motion to release the consultant’s report, hoping to refer the deputy mayor to a conduct panel. 

Gilligan said in the motion that Wyndham City Council employees deserve a safe working environment free from harassment and bullying.

The motion was put to the vote and lost as other councillors also appeared in the report who were not mentioned in Cr. Gilligans motion and was deemed unfair by council vote.

A kingdom divided. Council is entangled in many internal disputes.
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