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Derrimut Road Boulevard: Reshaping Wyndham’s Urban Landscape

Derrimut Road Boulevard

A Closer Look at the Visionary Project Aimed at Transforming Wyndham into a 20-Minute City

The Wyndham 2040 plan, aiming to reshape the city’s future, introduces the Derrimut Road Boulevard as one of the “Six Big Ideas” to potentially transition Wyndham from its current two-hour city status to a 20-minute urban center. While the Wyndham 2040 Vision presents an exciting prospect, it’s important to note that its implementation has met with differing levels of awareness and consultation among residents.

Wyndham presently comprises a collection of residential suburbs that often necessitate extended commutes for access to essential services, job opportunities, and cultural offerings. This geographical reality has led to the description of Wyndham as a “2-hour city.” The envisioned solution involves the establishment of a City Heart along Derrimut Road, designed to foster connectivity and potentially reduce travel times, aligning with the concept of a 20-Minute City.

Central to this transformation is Derrimut Road, a significant north-south route that connects key areas within Wyndham. Notably, the road links the proposed Tarneit Major Activity Centre, the Pacific Werribee Plaza shopping complex, and the East Werribee NEIC/City Heart. Additionally, Derrimut Road hosts significant civic establishments such as the Aqua-pulse Aquatic Centre, Encore Events Centre, and Hoppers Crossing Youth Resource Centre.

Derrimut Road Boulevard aerial view
Aerial view of The Derrimut Road Boulevard

Under the Derrimut Road Boulevard concept, this roadway could evolve into a tree-lined boulevard incorporating advanced transportation systems. Options under consideration include light rail, trackless tram services, or dedicated bus rapid transit (BRT) lanes. Leveraging the road’s substantial width, the project envisions the creation of a grand boulevard that not only improves connectivity within Wyndham but also serves as a greenway leading to the City Heart. This plan presents opportunities for urban revitalization, including the potential for medium-rise housing and local shopping centres along the boulevard.

At the northern and southern extremities of Derrimut Road Boulevard, the introduction of public transport hubs is envisioned. The Tarneit train and bus interchange could play a pivotal role in the north, while a proposed train station on the Metro line near the East Werribee NEIC might anchor the southern end. Regardless of the chosen mode—be it light rail, trackless trams, or BRT—the objective is to address existing gaps in Wyndham’s public transportation network.

derrimit road map

While the vision behind Derrimut Road Boulevard aligns with the Wyndham 2040 plan’s aspirations, it’s noteworthy that not all residents are equally aware of these developments or have been engaged in the consultation process. As Wyndham’s journey towards fulfilling the Wyndham 2040 Vision continues, Derrimut Road Boulevard stands as a concept that could reshape the urban fabric, though its realization and impact warrant ongoing dialogue and consideration among the diverse voices within the community.

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