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Did You Know Today Was International Volunteer Day?

volunteer day

Wyndham City is delighted to celebrate all the wonderful volunteers in our City for International Volunteer Day on 5 December.

International Volunteer Day, is mandated by the UN General Assembly and is celebrated around the world on 5 December each year.  The day recognises the outstanding contribution that volunteers make in their communities.

The theme for this year is solidarity through volunteering.

Wyndham City Mayor, Cr Susan McIntyre said: “Volunteers play a vital role assisting others and make a significant contribution to the community. International Volunteer Day is the perfect time to acknowledge and thank all the volunteers in our City.”

“On behalf of Council and the wider community we appreciate the role that volunteers play in our community who give their time for good and the betterment of society without financial gain.”

“International Volunteer Day is an opportune time for us to say ‘thank you’ and reflect on the significant role that volunteers play in our communities.”

“Volunteers help our community in a wide range of ways from helping out at sporting clubs and associations to volunteer emergency services as well as preserving and protecting the environment and raising money for many charities, as well as visiting socially isolated people that are lonely and need companionship.”

To find out more information about volunteering in your local community visit: www.wyndham.vic.gov.au/volunteering

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