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Dirt Bike Riders Harass Police in Williams Landing

Dirt Bikes Police Dashcam Wyndham

Police Seek Information on Dangerous Riding Incident Involving Group of 15 Individuals

Police are urgently appealing to the public for assistance in a recent and alarming incident that unfolded in Williams Landing on July 29th. The incident involved a group of approximately 15 individuals engaging in reckless and dangerous riding on dirt bikes, prompting concerns for public safety.

During the incident, which occurred just after 2 pm, the group of riders was allegedly seen riding dangerously in front of a police vehicle, with some individuals even riding on one wheel. One individual was arrested by the police at the scene. However, the situation escalated when the group returned, encircling the police officers and riding on the wrong side of the road. Dirt and rocks were reportedly sprayed onto both officers and the police vehicle during this tumultuous encounter.

The reckless behaviour persisted for about two minutes, all while two officers were working to apprehend the arrested individual. The group eventually fled the area, prompting additional police units to respond to the scene.

Authorities have released footage captured from the police vehicle in hopes of identifying the individuals involved in the incident. They are urging anyone who witnessed the incident or possesses information about the riders to come forward and assist with the investigation. Members of the public can contact Crime Stoppers at 1800 333 000 or visit www.crimestoppersvic.com.au to share any relevant details.

In cases of witnessing ongoing illegal or dangerous dirt bike riding, authorities emphasize the importance of contacting Triple Zero (000) immediately to ensure swift response and community safety.

Police are taking this incident seriously and call upon the community’s cooperation to help identify and hold those responsible accountable. Public participation can play a vital role in maintaining safety within the area and preventing such incidents from occurring in the future.

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