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DISTURBING VIDEO: Teenage Girl Brutally Bashed and Robbed.

Bashing at Werribee park

Disturbing video footage has emerged online of a 13-year-old girl being brutally bashed and robbed by a gang of around 20 people.


It is alleged that the incident occurred between 3pm and 4pm on Monday 10th of January near the footbridge that leads from Watton Street, Werribee, to Wyndham Park.

In the video, the girl who is laying on the ground is repeatedly punched and kicked by several other people while onlookers cheer on.

Just when the gang seem to start to move on, one of the larger gang members runs in and stomps on the girls chest and head.

The girl was taken to the Joan Kirner hospital and was released last night.

A police statement has been made and an appeal for any witnesses or information regarding the attack to contact Police.