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Dohertys House in Tarneit Set to Transform into a 50 Seat Café

Dohertys House exterior

Iconic bluestone ruin to be revitalized into a bustling 50-seat café and community gathering place

The proposed floor plan for the revitalization of Dohertys House in Tarneit has been unveiled, marking an exciting step towards its transformation into a bustling hub for families in the area. Located at 1 Sapling Boulevard, Dohertys House is listed in the Wyndham Planning Scheme and encompasses the house, stone walls, and the immediate surroundings.

The ambitious project aims to turn the historic bluestone ruin into an iconic establishment that will cater to the needs and desires of the Tarneit community. The envisioned plan includes the creation of a 50-seat café, accompanied by an outdoor dining area with an additional 50 seats, providing ample space for visitors to enjoy their meals and experience a true sense of neighborhood living.

Dohertys House Cafe Floor Plan

Recognizing the community’s yearning for alternatives to the prevalent petrol stations and fast-food chains, the redevelopment of Dohertys House aims to offer a unique and authentic dining experience in Tarneit. By repurposing this historic site, the project seeks to inject vibrancy and create a central gathering place that embodies the essence of a close-knit community.


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Construction for the ambitious undertaking is slated to commence in late 2024, with the release of detailed designs scheduled for early next year. The project team is committed to meticulous planning and execution, ensuring that the transformed Dohertys House will be a source of pride for Tarneit residents.

Dohertys House cafe

As the development progresses, the community of Tarneit is invited to share in the excitement and anticipation surrounding this significant initiative. Updates and announcements regarding the project’s milestones will be shared in due course, underscoring the commitment to transparency and inclusivity.

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