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Don’t Be Feline Left Out! Register Your Cats and Dogs in Wyndham City by 10 April 2023

Pet registration Wyndham

Residents of Wyndham City are reminded to register or renew registrations for their cats and dogs by 10 April 2023, in order to give themselves the best chance of being reunited with their pet if it gets lost.

 All cats and dogs must be registered by law in Victoria once they reach three months of age. The registration fees for pets in Wyndham City cover the installation and maintenance of dog parks, the municipal pound, and animal management staff, who respond to calls, including after hours, carry out investigations, and help reunite owners with their pets.

Mayor Cr Susan McIntyre has said that many pet owners mistakenly think that microchipping their pet is the same as registering it.These are two separate processes and both are essential in our City,” she said.Registering your pet with Council keeps your contact details uptodate, helps us to understand how many cats and dogs there are in the City, and enables us to provide programs and dogfriendly spaces that give pet owners socialising opportunities.”

Registration is simple, either through filling out an application online or a form at one of the Councilrun centres. If it‘s the first time registering a pet, Wyndham offers free registration until the following April.

Not registering or renewing a pet‘s registration can result in a $370 fine. Dog registration fees range from $26 to $175 a year, and a desexed cat costs between $15 and $42. (Cats must be desexed).

To register your pet, visit www.wyndham.vic.gov.au or one of the Council offices to get a copy of the form. All registrations must be completed by 10 April 2023.

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