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Drive Through Pizza – Was it Ever Going to Work in Werribee?

Rapid Red Gum Feature

Drive through pizza works well in the United States and many locals were skeptical about the concept of opening something similar in Werribee.

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After just over a year in business, this wood-fired pizza drive-through is coming to a close. Owners Mark and Paula Beeby started discussing taking their family pizza business to the next level back in 2016, and by 2017 were assembling what would become an Australian first by providing a drive-through pizza service.

As it is with a lot of business ventures, there are risks involved, especially with such a new concept. Local residents embraced this particular idea from the start and it’s always exciting to have something new in Wyndham.

Did customer support waiver after the initial opening, or is it another business affected by our current Covid-19 crisis? The owners haven’t given an explanation on their social media page, but they have said Rapid Red Gum is closing its doors this Saturday 17th October.

“Rapid Red Gum is closing its doors Saturday 17th October, and if you have been a regular and want to use your loyalty card – come see us before then and we’ve got some FREE deals for you – thanks for supporting us – Or just come see us to say goodbye”