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Drug Carrying Werribee Residents Attempt to go to Geelong.

Police check

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Police from the Geelong and Surf Coast Police Service Areas working the Little River Covid checkpoint have arrested four people attempting to enter Geelong yesterday 6th October at 2.30 PM.

Sergeant Greg TAYLOR said, “Every vehicle passing the checkpoint has its details checked yesterday at 2.30 PM a black sedan attempted to enter the Geelong region from Werribee.”

“As a result, we arrested four people for criminal matters and in addition, we enforced the Chief Health officers directives.”

A 35-year-old female driver from Werribee – processed for driving whilst disqualified/unregistered vehicle/possess Drug of dependence/COVID breach – vehicle seized

A 40-year-old male from Werribee – processed for possess Drug of dependence and COVID breach

A 38-year-old male from Werribee – processed for possess ammunition and COVID breach. He was also interviewed for dishonesty related matters.

A 39-year-old male from Sunbury – processed for possess Drug of Dependence and COVID breach