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Drunk and Angry: Mother of Three Avoids Jail After Drunken Dispute Leads to Near-Fatal Assault

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Tara McConchie, a 37yearold mother of three, was given a sentence of three years probation and 300 hours of community service on Wednesday, March 8, in the Melbourne County Court, after she admitted to negligently causing injury to her partner.

The incident took place in March of 2021, following an argument between the two of them, who had been dating for 10 years, over their different approaches to parenting.

McConchie had been drinking throughout the afternoon and into the evening at a house party in Point Cook when the argument began. She drove off in their fourwheel drive car with her partner‘s jetski attached on a trailer, and when she returned and stopped on a suburban road nearby, her partner jumped onto the 4WD, holding onto the roof rack.

VIDEO: McConchie's arrest at the scene.

She revved the engine and sped up to 41km/h before slamming on the brakes, flinging him off the vehicle and onto the road. The victim suffered severe head injuries, including a brain haemorrhage, skull fractures, and nerve damage, necessitating surgery and rehabilitation.

She also had to be restrained by police for hindering paramedics, as she continued to yell at her then-partner after he was in the ambulance receiving assistance.

Judge Gerard Mullaly noted that her blood alcohol level was 0.186, making her drivinghighly dangerous and illegal, and said that serious injury or death was inevitable.

He also took into account the fact that the victim had jumped onto the car and remained there after McConchie revved the engine.

McConchie was also ordered to be disqualified from driving for two years, and was warned by the judge that if she did not follow the requirements of her sentence, she wouldalmost inevitably be sent to prison.

She had the support of her new partner in court.

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