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Eagle Stadium’s New Roof Will Be Built Over the Existing Roof.

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Eagle Stadium, which has been plagued by a leaking roof since it first opened in 2015 is about to receive rectification works.

The works involve the installation of an additional layer of roofing which is set to provide a more watertight and robust barrier of structural integrity against the weather. 

Professional Plumbing Contractors Pty Ltd were awarded the tender to commence work and all parties are confident this approach will permanently fix the roof leaks.

Additionally, the architectural integrity of the stadium will be retained, and no changes will be required to the entrance or façade of the stadium.

Roof rectification works at Eagle Stadium are set to commence in late October 2021 and are expected to be completed in May 2022 at a cost of $2.9 million.

As to whether ratepayers will foot the bill, Council has said that their priority is to ensure the roof stops leaking permanently, and once the issue is resolved they will then consider steps to recoup costs.