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East Werribee: The Future of Melbourne’s West Unveiled!

East Werribee Precinct concept

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The transformation of the East Werribee Precinct into a vibrant urban environment that provides high-quality housing, economic activity, and strong employment growth is progressing. Werribee, located within Melbourne’s Western Corridor, is home to over 600 hectares of government-owned land previously occupied by the State Research Farm, classified as surplus to needs in 2014


.This corridor plays a critical role in economic activity, allowing businesses to benefit from strong partnerships, access to a skilled workforce, and shared resources. Due to its size and strategic location, East Werribee presents a unique opportunity to unlock the productive potential of Victorian government land in Melbourne’s west.

Minister for Precincts Colin Brooks recently released the East Werribee Opportunity Statement, outlining the vision for the growth and development of the East Werribee Precinct. The development will focus on existing strengths in agriculture, manufacturing, energy, and tourism, supporting these key economic sectors with access to a large, diverse, and increasingly skilled workforce.

east Werribee plan

Economic growth in East Werribee will also build on significant investments in education and health, including the expansion of the emergency department at Werribee Mercy Hospital. The removal of a further three level crossings in Wyndham and the completion of missing links along the Federation and Kororoit Creek trails will deliver improved cycling connections for the region.

By 2025, the opening of the Metro Tunnel will increase capacity on the Werribee and Williamstown lines during peak periods, and the West Gate Tunnel will reduce travel times between East Werribee and the Port of Melbourne.

East Werribee is part of the Werribee National Employment and Innovation Centre (NEIC), focusing on strategic infrastructure investment to expand employment opportunities. This precinct represents a rare long-term strategic opportunity in Victoria, offering a large area of developable government land to meet the growing needs for jobs and housing in the outer west.

East Werribee precinct

Identified as a Priority Precinct, East Werribee is committed to creating vibrant, liveable, and sustainable communities with access to affordable housing and quality jobs. Through coordinated university and industry partnerships, East Werribee aims to build upon existing strengths in health and education, and grow high-value jobs in agritech, renewables, advanced manufacturing, as well as government and commercial services.

Strategically situated in the Western Corridor from Geelong to Fishermans Bend, East Werribee is poised to strengthen links between Sunshine, Footscray, and Avalon. The corridor’s role in economic activity supports businesses with strong partnerships, skilled workforce access, and shared resources.

East Werribee will complement existing local centres and provide high-quality services and economic opportunities to local communities. A coordinated government approach will manage this future growth, creating an attractive community for new residents and businesses. The evolution of East Werribee as a centre of employment will contribute to a more resilient and productive economy, accommodate population growth, and provide high-quality jobs close to where people live.

East Werribee and its surrounds have been the focus of significant investment within the last decade, including:
– $109.6 million Mercy Hospital Emergency Department
– $34.7 million Mercy Hospital mental health expansion
– $87 million Mercy Hospital Critical Care expansion
– New Werribee Township Regional Park as part of the $315 million Suburban Parks Program
– $3 million Warringa Park School
– Wyndham Tech School delivered from the $128 million Tech School Initiative
– $88 million Werribee Open Range Zoo Upgrade
– $271 million Wyndham Law Court
– $45 million Werribee Police Complex
– $1.3 million Werribee Racecourse
– $1.225 billion Western Treatment Plant projects
– $15.27 million Point Cook and Sneydes Road Interchange upgrade
– $5 million committed to the Wyndham Transport Study
– Additional investment including the removal of three level crossings in Wyndham.

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