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All listed restaurants and cafés have over 50 Reviews and 4+ Star Ratings on Google.


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Whether you’re a Wyndham local or just passing through, our webpage is your passport to savouring the local culinary delights.

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Curated Gems with 50+ Google Reviews and 4+ Star Ratings

We’ve meticulously handpicked establishments that have garnered over 50 Google reviews each, all with impressive ratings of 4 stars or more. With “Eat, Drink, and Be Local,” you can trust that your dining experiences will be extraordinary.

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Don’t miss out! Businesses featured here will be updating their specials each month, so keep coming back to check.

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Join us on a delectable journey as we showcase the finest eateries in Wyndham, ensuring you eat, drink, and savour the local flavours to the fullest.

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