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First Livestream Event of its Kind for Wyndham.

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Are you finding it difficult to know exactly who to vote for? 

Wyndham City Council elections are due to take place on Saturday the 24th of October 2020 and there is a lot of information in various places, making it difficult to keep up.

Wyndham TV is here to help, that’s why we’re presenting a livestream event with candidates that are wanting you to get to know them better.  

We are hosting three livestreams over three nights where each participant will not only share their vision for Wyndham but also Wyndham TV will present some of your live chat questions to them.

With a staggering 86 candidates standing for elections this year we have limited each livestream to 12 candidates per ward. 

Let us assist you to make an informed decision next week! Join our livestream events!

Be sure to follow all posts on Wyndham TV’s Facebook page so you get alerted every time we go live!

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All Council elections will be conducted by post, with ballot packs being sent out in early October.

Be sure to follow the instructions on the ballot paper to make sure your vote counts.

Below is our listing of all 86 candidates in ballot order.

CHAFFEY WARD - 25 Candidates

HARRISON WARD - 38 Candidates

IRAMOO WARD - 23 Candidates