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Empowering Road Safety: Westgate Highway Patrol Educates New Migrants in Wyndham

Migrant Road Safety Education

Image: Victoria Police


Senior Constable Aaron Bryan Conducts Interactive Session Addressing Key Driving Concerns

In a proactive effort to enhance road safety awareness among new migrant residents in Wyndham, Senior Constable Aaron Bryan from the Westgate Highway Patrol conducted an informative education and discussion session on the 13th of November. The session took place at the Wyndham Community and Education Centre in Werribee.


The comprehensive presentation covered crucial topics such as fatigue, drink/drug driving, speeding, driver distraction, driver behavior, and general policing. Attendees were not only given the opportunity to listen and learn but were actively encouraged to engage by asking questions. This interactive approach aimed to broaden their knowledge about safe driving practices specifically tailored to the state of Victoria.

The success of this session has paved the way for the continuation of educational initiatives at the Wyndham Community and Education Centre. Future sessions will provide ongoing learning opportunities and a platform for questions and answers.

Senior Constable Aaron Bryan emphasized the importance of community involvement, stating, “If you are a member of a community group and believe that your group could benefit from these educational information sessions, please do not hesitate to reach out to Senior Constable Aaron Bryan or Acting Sergeant Raj Gennie of the Westgate Highway Patrol at 9392-3111.”

By actively engaging with the community, law enforcement aims to foster a safer environment on the roads and ensure that residents, especially newcomers, are well-equipped with the knowledge and understanding necessary for responsible and secure driving in Victoria.

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