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Exercise Caution: Beware of Crims at Gyms

Gym Theft in Wyndham

Residents of Wyndham are being warned to take extra precautions when using their local gym.

 Criminals have been targeting gyms in the area, stealing car keys and gym fobs from unlocked lockers to steal cars parked outside.

The criminals are gaining access to gyms by a variety of methods, including using stolen gym fobs, following members inside when they use their own fob, and asking members to be let in with the excuse that theyve forgotten their fob.

The Westgate Proactive Policing Unit is urging gym users to take extra precautions to prevent further crime. Gym members should not let anyone into the gym who they dont know, and make sure that any valuables are locked away in a locker when training.

These crimes appear to be occurring when the gym is not staffed, so members should be extra vigilant when using their local gym.

With these safety precautions in mind, members can continue to use the gym safely and securely.

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