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Farmers Unite for Groundbreaking Event in Werribee South

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An exciting event is set to take place in the heart of Victoria’s agricultural region, Werribee South, as SproutX, an AgTech and FoodTech Accelerator Program, brings together technology innovators and local producers for an evening of collaboration and learning. Scheduled for Thursday, 13 June 2024, at Wyndham Cache, this event aims to bridge the gap between technological advancements and practical farming needs. SproutX, renowned for its support of AgTech startups, is orchestrating this community get-together for famers to voice their two cents on the graduating cohort’s ideas. The event, running from 4 PM to 8 PM, will feature interactive sessions designed to promote knowledge exchange and foster relationships within the agricultural community.

SproutX Autumn 2024

Several notable figures from the agricultural sector will be speaking at the event. Catherine Velisha, a third-generation grower who owns and directs Velisha Farms, a horticulture business involved in fresh produce for almost a century, will share her extensive experience. With two decades in the farming industry, Catherine has a comprehensive understanding of the supply chain, from planting to processing. Her dedication to excellence led to the creation of VEG Education in 2020, an RTO designed to facilitate horticulture industry training.

Jamie Pepper, who manages a beef and sheep farm in south-west Victoria near Hamilton, will also speak. Jamie is Deputy Chair of Food & Fibre Great South Coast and a member of the National Farmers Federation Young Farmers Council, blending on-farm responsibilities with off-farm advocacy to improve the agricultural sector.

Mark Trzaskoma, with over 30 years in horticulture, serves as the production manager for Battunga Orchards, which grows apples, pears, and lemons in West Gippsland and the Yarra Valley. His focus has been on developing 2-dimensional fruit growing systems to increase yield and suitability for emerging technologies.

Kimberly Pellosis, an agronomist whose career has spanned South Australia’s Riverland and Limestone Coast, Melbourne, and Timor Leste, will also be sharing her insights. After migrating from the Philippines and studying soil science, Kimberly now works as a managing consultant in Agricultural Value Chains at South Pole.

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The evening will begin with a “Pub Pitch” session where seven founders from SproutX’s Business of Agriculture Program will present their solutions to various industry pain points. In a dolphin tank-style format, these entrepreneurs will invite feedback and questions from the audience, creating a dynamic and engaging discussion. This segment is intended to provide real-world insights to the founders while allowing the community to influence the development of new technologies directly. Following the Pub Pitch, the event will transition to ” Farm Fumbles,” where experienced mentors will share stories of past mistakes and successes. This session aims to encourage a culture of innovation and resilience by highlighting the importance of learning from failures. Attendees will hear firsthand accounts of challenges and triumphs, war stories that provide valuable lessons for both new and seasoned farmers, and a chance to seek advice from the speakers.


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The event is designed for a diverse audience, including farmers and producers who can gain insights into how technology can improve cost efficiency and productivity, meet fellow entrepreneurs, and directly influence the development of tools and solutions for the agricultural industry. AgTech founders will have the opportunity to build relationships with the local farming community and gain invaluable feedback on their solutions, understanding the real-world challenges farmers face and how technology can meet their needs. Stakeholders in agriculture will discover how market needs are being addressed by innovative tech solutions, what goes on behind the scenes when a business adapts to change, and engage with both the tech and agricultural communities to bridge gaps and foster collaboration. The broader AgTech community will also benefit from learning about ongoing projects, current challenges, and future opportunities in the ag-tech space, contributing to the conversation and supporting the growth of agricultural technology.



This event, supported by Wyndham City Council, promises to be a significant gathering for the ag-tech community, fostering collaboration and innovation. Attendees will enjoy a canape spread alongside their favourite brews while engaging with tech entrepreneurs and seasoned farmers. By providing a platform for knowledge exchange and relationship building, SproutX aims to drive the future of agriculture forward. Whether deeply rooted in farming or simply curious about ag-tech, this event offers something valuable for everyone involved in the agricultural sector.


📍 Destination: Wyndham Cache, 243 K Road, Werribee South, VIC 3030

​​📅 Date: Thursday 13 June, 2024

​​🕒 Duration: 4PM-8PM

🚌 Commute: Coach services will be available from cbd to Wyndham Cache, with pick up points to be announced closer to date