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Father and Son Lose Licenses in Drunk Driving Incidents

Drink Driving Point Cook

A father and his son have had their driving privileges revoked following their detection for drunk driving during the night.

On Thursday evening, a breath testing site was established along Dunnings Road in Point Cook, where multiple drivers underwent breath tests.

At approximately 9 p.m., a 49-year-old individual from Truganina submitted to a breath test, resulting in an alleged reading of 0.109. As a consequence, his driver’s license was immediately suspended, his vehicle was impounded, and he is anticipated to face charges related to drunk driving, with a summons pending.

Simultaneously, the man’s son was apprehended while allegedly attempting to evade the Booze Bus checkpoint. The 22-year-old Truganina resident, who held a probationary driver’s license, underwent a breath test that yielded an alleged reading of 0.028. Consequently, he received a $481 fine, and his driving privileges will be revoked for a duration of three months.

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