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Fears of Corona Virus at Local School.

Queen of Peace School

Parents of students at the Queen of Peace Parish Primary School, Altona Meadows,  have been active on social media this evening (26th June) regarding a direct communication sent to them regarding Covid-19.

The communication was apparently posted on a local residents page in Altona before being quickly removed by Admin which is believed to be regarding a year six student that has tested positive.

Admin note in ‘Altona Meadows Locals’ Facebook group.

Some parents from the Lumen Christi School in Point Cook have also received a communication regarding a positive test at a ‘nearby school’, further adding to the suggestions that the Queen of Peace Parish Primary School has a positive case. 

The letter sent to Lumen Christi parents regarding a ‘school nearby’

A member of the Facebook local residents group in Altona has advised us that “it will be in the news tomorrow”.

This case has been confirmed today (29th June) and the school has now been forced to close for cleaning.