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Fire Brigade Retrieve Girl From Local Primary School Last Night.

Girl locked in Mossfiel Primary

A ten-year-old girl had to be retrieved by Fire Rescue Victoria from a classroom at a local school last night 5th September.

The girl called emergency services from inside the school in Hoppers Crossing, and said that she had fallen asleep then woke up later in a classroom on her own and that she was able to leave the classroom but was unable to exit the school.

An FRV spokesperson said, “FRV firefighters assisted in the safe retrieval of a child from a premises located on Langridge Street just before 7.00 pm on Monday night following a call to Triple Zero (000).”

FRV provided the girl with a blanket to keep warm while they awaited police attendance. 

Police arrived around 7.30pm and the girl’s mother was also called to the scene and spoke with police before taking her daughter home.

A woman claiming to be the girl’s mother has since posted online saying that police were notified that she was missing earlier. 

Police media cannot confirm her story at this stage, as we have not been able to provide them with the name of the officer or the station where the missing girl was reported to.

We have contacted the woman for this information to confirm her story.

Wyndham TV also contacted Mossfiel Primary School for an explanation as to how the girl was left in a classroom asleep requiring emergency services to attend, but did not receive a response.

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