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Firefighters Honored for Heroic Rescue in Wyndham Vale Blaze

Firefighters honoured

Mick Davie and Rodney Mitchell awarded for courageous actions in saving trapped woman

Mick Davie, a volunteer from the Werribee Fire Brigade CFA, and Rodney Mitchell, a firefighter from Fire Rescue Victoria (FRV), were recognized for their exceptional bravery on March 26, 2022 on McGrath Road in Wyndham Vale. Mick and Rodney, driving while accompanied by their families, noticed a nearby column of smoke and immediately left their loved ones to offer assistance. Upon arriving at the scene, they discovered a woman trapped inside the engulfed property.

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Due to the intense blaze and a substantial amount of fuel, gaining access to the property was challenging. Mick and Rodney explored alternative methods and utilized their firefighting expertise. They decided to climb onto the roof, where they skillfully removed tiles and other materials, ultimately rescuing the woman safely through the roof.

Their outstanding actions were acknowledged with the Chief Officer’s Commendation for Courage certificate and medal for Mick Davie, while Rodney Mitchell received the Chief Officer’s Commendation certificate. Their commendations emphasized their diligent and perilous efforts to avert a potentially fatal outcome.

Over 60 firefighters battled the blaze that day, which emitted thick black smoke into the air for several hours. The Chief’s Commendations were recently presented during the annual dinner of the Werribee Fire Brigade.


VIDEO: The massive blaze was recorded by an onlooker.

Expressing his immense pride, CFA Chief Officer Jason Heffernan commended Mick and Rodney for their courage, skills, and professionalism demonstrated on that day. He highlighted how their act of heroism exemplifies their dedication to firefighting and protecting lives. He further recognized the commendable work of all firefighters involved in controlling the fire and safeguarding neighboring properties.

Fire McGraths Road Wyndham Vale 26 March 2022 054 scaled
Image: Matt Houston Photography

Mick Davie, grateful for the recognition, expressed his surprise at receiving both the certificate and the medal, which no one in his brigade had received before. He credited their training as firefighters for enabling them to respond effectively, emphasizing the importance of instinctual actions in such critical situations. Mick emphasized their fortune in finding the trapped woman still conscious, allowing them to rescue her without further endangering themselves inside the house.

Rodney Mitchell, an FRV Station Officer and former CFA volunteer, attributed their successful rescue to being in the right place at the right time. He emphasized that their actions that day were not motivated by commendations, praise, or awards but rather the rewarding experience of safely evacuating the occupant from her home. Rodney expressed confidence that any other pair of firefighters would have achieved the same outcome under those circumstances.

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