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Five Local Organizations Granted Funds to Enhance Community Safety and Well-being

Community Safety Grants

Wyndham Empowering Communities Reveals Recipients of Community Safety Grants

The Wyndham Empowering Communities Local Action Group has unveiled the recipients of the Community Safety Grants, a significant development in enhancing the safety and well-being of the Wyndham community. These grants, generously funded by the Victorian Government’s Empowering Communities initiative under the Building Safer Communities Program, represent a vital step towards fostering a safer and more connected community.

Established in 2022 as part of the Empowering Communities initiative, the Wyndham Empowering Communities Local Action Group has been instrumental in selecting the recipients of these grants. The group has been actively engaged in addressing community safety issues and facilitating the distribution of these grants to organizations committed to building a stronger sense of community and safety.

The five recipients of the Community Safety Grants are as follows:

1. **Wyndham Community & Education Centre**
– Project: Horizons: Empowering Multicultural Youth for Success
– Grant: $75,000

2. **Karuna Compassion in Action Incorporated**
– Project: Wyndham Karen Youth
– Grant: $60,000

3. **Blue Light Victoria Incorporated**
– Project: D – A – S – H (Dynamic, Active, Safe & Healthy)
– Grant: $70,000

4. **The Youth Junction Inc**
– Project: Youth Umbrella Project – Wyndham
– Grant: $90,000

5. **Festival for Healthy Living, Royal Children’s Hospital Community Development (auspiced by The Village Festival of New Performance Inc)**
– Project: The Wyndham Festival for Healthy Living (WFHL)
– Grant: $75,000


These grant recipients will embark on projects and activities designed to strengthen community bonds, enhance safety, promote interfaith and intercultural understanding, and empower children and young people. The initiatives aim to create an environment where individuals feel safer, more connected, and better equipped to make positive life choices.

Wyndham City Mayor, Councillor Susan McIntyre, expressed her congratulations to the successful recipients and highlighted the collaborative nature of this endeavor. She emphasized the importance of community partnerships in addressing local safety issues, utilizing local strengths and the collective effort of individuals and organizations dedicated to community betterment.

As these projects unfold over the coming years until mid-2024, community members and organizations interested in supporting the safety initiatives are encouraged to reach out directly to the funded recipients. By fostering partnerships between government and community agencies, Wyndham aims to tackle crime and safety concerns at the grassroots level, harnessing the community’s willingness and local resources.

For more information on the grant recipients and opportunities to become Community Partners, please visit [Wyndham Community Support]

 Together, the Wyndham community is taking meaningful steps toward building a safer, more inclusive, and connected future.

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