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Food Trucks on Private Land are Included in Proposed Changes to Local Laws.

Food trucks on Heaths Road

Community feedback is invited on the proposed Draft Community Amenity Local Law 2023.

The Draft builds on the Wyndham Community Amenity Local Law 2015 with notable additions including:  

  • Nature Strip Maintenance
  • Shopping trolleys
  • Short stay accommodation and
  • Food trucks on private property

Proposed changes include a clause to keep nature strips tidy and not alter the nature strip, except in accordance with Council’s Nature Strip Beautification Policy.

The existing local law regarding abandoned shopping trolleys was strengthened to ensure retailers take more responsibility for their property to prevent trolleys being dumped.

Additionally, clauses were added to reference short stay accommodation and food trucks on private property to better manage potential amenity issues.

Feedback was received for each issue from 93 survey responses, 29 People’s Advisory Panel workshop attendees, and 4 drop-in attendees. 

Wyndham City’s Mayor and Community Safety portfolio holder Cr Susan McIntyre said local laws aimed to help our community function safely and look its best.

“Wyndham City’s Local Law protects the local amenity as well as regulates activities on private and council-controlled land and roads to keep our City safe, clean, and presentable,” she said.

“This is the second round of consultation that explores changes to our Local Law and I thank everyone that has shared their feedback.”

“We had originally raised a fifth proposed change regarding trees on private property but in response to community feedback, we have not included that change.”

“This is a positive example of Wyndham City listening to the views of the community and valuing contributions provided as part of consultation.”

For more information and to participate in consultations online and in person head to The Loop by 28 February 2023 at: https://theloop.wyndham.vic.gov.au/local-law-review

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