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Fraser Street Park’s $1M Upgrade.

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The upgraded Fraser Street park was recently officially opened by Wyndham City Mayor Cr Peter Maynard.

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The upgrade has brought new life into what was an ageing and underutilised space, providing residents and the broader community with a district-level park that better meets their needs.

The upgrade includes new play equipment, pathways, furniture, landscaping and a public toilet facility.

“This is a fantastic space that can be enjoyed by families and all our residents,” Cr Maynard said.

“As the Active City portfolio holder, I know how much our residents enjoy our parks and open spaces.”

“This has become even more important during the pandemic.”

“That’s why we are investing heavily in building and upgrading parks across Wyndham. Open spaces close to home for Wyndham families play an important role in helping residents to get out of the house, enjoy nature and be active.”

“This substantial upgrade provides better opportunities for families to play and exercise.”

The project was jointly funded by all three tiers of government.

Wyndham City provided $550,000 of funding, while the State Government, via the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) provided $300,000 for soft landscaping and play equipment.

The Federal Government, through its Locals Roads and Community Infrastructure program, contributed $150,000 toward the new toilet facility.

The two year project began in February 2020, with community consultation. Work was finally completed in June, and the upgraded park is now open to the public.