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Free Parenting Support for Wyndham Families.

Wyndham Families

Wyndham City’s Healthy City portfolio holder, Cr Adele Hegedich, said this is a wonderful opportunity for parents or carers to access information, most from the comfort of their home, to help them handle those trickier parenting situations.

“Due to the pandemic and staff shortages, we have seen the availability of our Maternal Child Health (MCH) program reduce. In turn this has had a huge impact on parents with cancellations of MCH appointments for older children and missing that opportunity to get help and advice when it comes to parenting,” Cr Hegedich said.

“Run by experienced facilitators with years of expertise in helping manage the ups and downs of raising children, the courses will allow parents or carers to meet and hear from others going through similar experiences.”

“Providing free parenting programs like this ensures that the families of Wyndham continue to receive the support they need while raising their children.”

Five different parenting courses are available and tackle an array of parenting experiences. The courses available include:

  • Stress Management for Mums Group (50 minutes online)
  • Working Parents with Toddlers’ Seminar (45 minutes online)
  • Top Gear – Managing Challenging Behaviours/Parenting Feisty Kids (90 minutes online)
  • Parenting Kids Who Worry/With Anxiety (90 minutes online)
  • Family Foundations Program (8 hours total, Face to Face)

For more information on each course visit our website https://www.wyndham.vic.gov.au/services/childrens-services/other-childrens-services/free-parenting-support-services

You can book for any of these sessions or find out more by emailing events@ds.org.au or booking via Drummond Street website at https://ds.org.au/events/