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Freeway Frenzy: Stolen Car and Drug Drama Unfold in Terrifying Princes Freeway Collision!

Rollover on Princes Freeway

Forsyth Road Bridge Crash Exposes Stolen SUV and Drug-Related Arrest.

Yesterday morning, emergency services were called to a Princes Freeway collision near the Forsyth Road bridge, causing traffic disruptions. The incident occurred just before 8 am on November 19 and involved two vehicles. One vehicle struck the other from behind which resulted in and SUV on it’s roof.

As a result of the crash, two inbound lanes on the Princes Freeway were closed, leading to delays for morning commuters. Quick response from emergency teams allowed them to promptly attend to the scene.

Upon arrival, responders found a 34-year-old Altona North man, the driver of a stolen Toyota SUV that had rolled. The man had suffered soft tissue cuts and abrasions around the neck and ribs. He was taken into custody under police guard and transported to the Royal Melbourne Hospital, where he is expected to be interviewed regarding drug offences, theft of a motor vehicle, and careless driving.

Princes Freeway Rollover

The other driver, a man in his 20s operating a white Mitsubishi sedan, sustained injuries to the upper body, shoulder, and head. Although his condition initially caused concern, he was stabilized at the scene and later transported to Footscray Hospital for further medical attention.

In total, emergency services attended to four individuals involved in the collision. Besides the two transported to hospitals, the remaining two were assessed at the scene and deemed not to require additional medical care.

Williams Landing Freeway Rollover

Despite the severity of the collision, it is fortunate that no one suffered serious injuries. The swift response from emergency services played a crucial role in managing the situation and ensuring the well-being of all those involved.

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