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Local Funding Available For 6 Months of Zoom Pro.

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Successful recipients of the Connected Communities Grant will ensure activity providers and organisations are able to stay connected through a six month Zoom Pro membership.

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Mayor Cr Adele Hegedich said: “We know how hard it has been for our community groups to stay connected throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. We also know how hard it is for members who rely on these groups for so many great things to not be able to access services when associated lockdowns and restrictions have been imposed.”

Welcoming City portfolio holder Cr Jennie Barrera said: “This six month Zoom Pro membership will help continue a sense of connectedness and resilience within the community, should we be faced with the tightening of Covid restrictions again.”

“This initiative gives priority to community groups that will meet online regularly with those most at risk of loneliness and social isolation.”

Examples of eligibility include community groups that hold meetings, workshops, social catch-ups, special interest and hobby groups, arts and craft sessions and other various classes.

The connected Communities Grant applications will close on Friday 30 July.

The application form and eligibility criteria is available at www.wyndham.vic.gov.au/connectedcommunities

For more information please contact Ruth Mihelcic at 

ruth.mihelcic@wyndham.vic.gov.au or call (03) 8734 1364.