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Geelong to Melbourne for Kebabs, and a Quick Stop in Werribee After Curfew.

Kebabs in werribee

A woman who was intercepted in Greaves Street Werribee after curfew, has told police that she had driven from Geelong to Melbourne to buy a kebab and was then driving back to Werribee to visit her boyfriend.

The woman is just one of 171 people who received fines across Victoria for breaching the Chief Health Officer directions.

Some other examples included 31 that were fined for failing to wear a face covering when leaving home for one of the four approved reasons, 21 at vehicle checkpoints, and 67  for curfew breaches.

There were also two women who were out walking and eating ice-cream at 2am. They told police they thought it was 6am, and a man who was found cycling on Dorcas Street after curfew who said he was going to visit his semi-intimate partner.