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Generous Donation Boosts SES Wyndham West Unit Thanks to Werribee RSL

Wyndham SES and Werribee RSL

Werribee RSL Ladies Group Supports Local Heroes, Strengthening Community Bonds

In a heartwarming display of community support, Werribee RSL has extended a helping hand to the SES Wyndham West Unit with a substantial donation of $5391.25. The donation, presented by the Werribee RSL Ladies Group, underscores the strong community bonds that exist in Werribee.

“At Werribee RSL, our community means everything to us. Without our community, we wouldn’t be able to raise funds to assist our Veterans and their Families,” expressed a representative from Werribee RSL.

Recognizing the essential role played by the SES Wyndham West Unit in times of need, the Werribee RSL Ladies Group decided to contribute to their cause. The SES Wyndham West Unit is a vital force in the community, providing assistance during emergencies and challenging times.

“We are so grateful for your incredible donation and kind words. On behalf of all our volunteers at Wyndham West SES, thank you for your generous support,” expressed a spokesperson for the SES Wyndham West Unit.

The donation from Werribee RSL will enable the SES Wyndham West Unit to upgrade their equipment, purchase new supplies, and enhance their training programs. This financial boost comes at a crucial time, allowing the SES unit to better serve the community and respond effectively to emergencies.

“It means the world to us that you recognize the work we do responding to emergencies and helping the community during difficult times,” acknowledged the SES Wyndham West Unit spokesperson.

The partnership between Werribee RSL and SES Wyndham West Unit exemplifies the spirit of collaboration within the Werribee community. The SES Wyndham West Unit looks forward to utilizing the funds for the betterment of their station and, by extension, the community they serve.

“We couldn’t be more appreciative of partners like you at Werribee RSL who step up to help. Thanks to you and the team, we’ll be able to serve Wyndham West even better,” remarked the SES spokesperson.

Expressing their gratitude, the SES Wyndham West Unit invites representatives from Werribee RSL to visit their station for a tour and witness the impact of the new equipment in action.

“Again, from all of us here at Wyndham West SES, thank you for believing in our mission. We’re so lucky to have the support of amazing local organizations like the RSL. Please extend our thanks to your whole team as well,” concluded the SES spokesperson, emphasizing the importance of community solidarity in times of need.

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