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Good Samaritan Subdues Knife-Wielding Man Threatening Woman at Williams Landing Business

Williams Landing Stabbing Attack

Heroic Intervention Prevents Potential Harm During Overton Road Incident

A man has been taken into custody by the police following an incident at a business in Williams Landing this afternoon. The situation unfolded on Overton Road after reports were received about a man wielding a knife and making threats to a woman known to him just before 3 pm.

Fortunately, a Good Samaritan intervened and managed to overpower and disarm the man before the police arrived at the scene. The heroic individual sustained a minor laceration wound to his hand during the intervention and received on-site treatment.
Williams Landing Knife Attack
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The threatened woman was not injured in the incident. The 44-year-old suspect, who appeared to be under the influence of substances, has been apprehended by the police and taken to the Werribee Mercy hospital under police guard.
Authorities are currently investigating the matter and will be pressing appropriate charges against the suspect. The prompt actions of the Good Samaritan are being praised for potentially preventing a more serious outcome in the situation.
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