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Manor Lakes Halloween

Halloween is coming – and this begs the question, why do we really celebrate it? Is Halloween in Wyndham becoming increasingly Americanised, and is this a problem? While this will inevitably come down to personal preference and the like, it’s always worth keeping the current trends in mind to ensure you’re preparing for the spooky festivities well – no matter what your normal preferences might be.

What Halloween Festivities are Planned for Wyndham This Year?

There are countless different Halloween festivities planned for this year, and after several years of lockdowns, it’s something that many people may be looking forwards to. One of the most exciting events and festivities that many people are looking forward to this year is the Manor Lakes’ Spooktacular Halloween.

The event is on the 31st of October between 5pm – 9pm on Dalrymple Boulevard in Manor Lakes.

Manor Lakes Halloween
Andrew Price and Maria Lodola-Price hold the Manor Lakes Halloween event each year.

This event is highly exciting for many Halloween lovers, so if you’re the sort of person who loves celebrating the weird and wonderful over the Halloween period, you’re in for a treat! But with Halloween Spectacular events running in Wyndham, it’s unsurprising that some people have to ask: is this event overall becoming too Americanised for its own good?

Is Halloween in Wyndham Getting too Americanised?

Halloween in Wyndham wasn’t always quite as popular as it is today, and for many decades, Halloween in Wyndham has been a relatively modest event. Indeed, compared to many other cultures, Halloween often isn’t quite as embraced in Australia simply because it doesn’t hold the same importance overall.

Halloween actually originated as a Celtic celebration based on the events of All Hallows’ Eve. However, as generations passed, Halloween eventually transitioned to a celebration of all things spooky, with treats, gifts, and parties becoming the norm in the 20th century.

But is the current approach to Halloween becoming too Americanised? Well, in the end, this really depends on your personal perceptions, but there’s no reason not to embrace the Halloween festivities if you so wish! However, if you don’t enjoy the Halloween event, there’s no pressure to get involved with festivities such as Halloween Spooktaculars at all.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re looking forwards to the Halloween festivities or not, it’s well worth being aware of all the opportunities out there – and how this is impacting our celebration of the Halloween event.

Are you looking forwards to Halloween in Wyndham this year? Let us know in the comments – we would love to hear from you about your own experiences!

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