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Heroic Police Dog Ted Retires After Seven Years of Service

Police dog Ted

Beloved K9 Officer Ted Hangs Up His Lead, Leaving Behind a Legacy of Courage and Dedication

After seven years of unwavering dedication to the community, Police Dog (PD) Ted, known for his relentless pursuit of justice and heartwarming loyalty, is retiring from active duty.


In 2016, Ted graduated from the police academy alongside his devoted handler, Leading Senior Constable Ash B. He was not alone on this journey, as he shared the graduation day with his fellow fur brothers, PD Toby and PD Tex.

Throughout his impressive career, Ted tirelessly worked to protect the community, leaving behind an indelible legacy of bravery and service. His list of accomplishments includes the successful apprehension of armed robbers, burglars, car thieves, home invaders, and family violence offenders. His keen senses and unmatched determination helped keep the streets safer for all residents.

Ted’s invaluable contributions extended beyond crime-fighting. He played a crucial role in locating missing persons and participated in numerous high-risk operations as a member of the Critical Incident Response Team. His unwavering commitment and courage earned him the respect and admiration of his fellow officers and the community he served.

As Ted enters a well-deserved retirement, he is looking forward to spending quality time with his loving family. After years of selfless service, it’s time for this heroic good boy to put his paws up and enjoy a relaxing and comfortable retirement.

Police, along with the entire community, extend their heartfelt thanks to Ted for his dedicated service and wish him all the best in his well-earned retirement. Ted’s legacy will continue to inspire those who follow in his pawprints, reminding everyone of the incredible contributions police dogs make to our safety and security.

Thank you for your service, Ted – enjoy your retirement, and may it be filled with endless treats, belly rubs, and well-deserved relaxation. 🐾

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