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VIDEO:Hoon Driver ‘Celebrates’ Getting Car Out of Impound.

Hoon driver celebrates 1

A month ago Op Achilles members impounded this car for hoon offences at Hoppers Crossing.

The driver was attending a car meetup on Old Geelong Road Hoppers Crossing on the 27th of January 2022 and was accused by police of hooning. An argument broke out between the police, the driver and his friend over the incident. The car was impounded regardless.

Victoria police said that the owner picked the car up from the impound yard on Friday afternoon on the 25th of February 2022. He then allegedly went to Pascoe Vale Road and did some burnouts which resulted in him being chased and apprehended by police.

Police said, “Most at this point would pull their head in, not old mate. He taped up his number plate and ‘celebrates’ the return of his car doing burnouts on Pascoe Vale Road and tries to run from police who try to stop him. Didn’t go so well.”


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“Guess it is now for sale as a parts car. His charges at court have got a whole lot more serious.” 

Operation Achilles continues to target dangerous driving.