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Hoppers Crossing Residents Demand Action Against Unleashed Dogs in Local Parks

Dogs off lead hoppers crossing

In Hoppers Crossing, residents are voicing their frustrations over recurring incidents involving unleashed dogs at local football clubs and parks, which have led to near attacks and heightened safety concerns. Julie Germano, a local resident, expressed her distress following several alarming encounters at the Hogans Road Football Club Reserve. “I’ve been in a lot of situations where my dog and I have been nearly attacked by other dogs because their owners let them off their leads,” Julie stated.


The issue has escalated to the point where Julie has reached out to the Wyndham Council on two separate occasions, urging them to increase patrols and improve signage around these public spaces. “I think there needs to be more signs and even bigger signs located around these areas,” she noted. Although rangers have been dispatched to monitor the situation, the persistent problem suggests that current measures may be insufficient.

dogs off lead signs
Julie would like to see larger signage.

The incidents have had a significant emotional impact on Julie and her family. She recounted a particularly distressing episode that occurred a few days ago during a local football match. “There were three dogs off their leads, and as my husband and I walked past, my dog barked at them, leading the other dogs to set upon mine. Luckily, my husband was there to pick up our dog while the other man tried to control his,” she explained. The confrontation triggered a panic attack for Julie, initially mistaken for an asthma attack by her concerned husband.

Julie Germano
Julie always has her dog on a lead in public.

Julie also highlighted the inadequate signage at the reserve, which she believes contributes to the ongoing issue. “The signage is very small. I think they should have larger signage at all entrances to the reserve as well as in the reserve itself,” she suggested. The fear is not only for her safety but also for that of elderly residents who might find themselves unable to intervene during similar altercations.

Residents like Julie hope for a swift and effective response from local authorities to ensure that public spaces can be safely enjoyed by all community members, whether they are on two legs or four.

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