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Hoppers Crossing Secondary College Receives Major Dance Prize.

Hoppers Crossing Secondary College

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Victorian school students who took part in the 2022 Wakakirri Story-Dance Festival will be receiving financial support.

The announcement comes after last night’s Victorian segment of the ‘Wakikirri’ awards ceremony.

Hoppers Crossing Secondary College was among eight Victorian schools and community groups that have received major prizes at the 2022 Victorian Wakakirri Story-Dance Festival awards night.

Wakakirri Story-Dance Festival is Australia’s largest national performing arts event with about 20,000 young people from 300 schools and community organisations participating each year.

As part of the annual festival, students and schools spend months designing and choreographing their performances and then perform in theatres all around Australia.

The Aboriginal word Wakakirri means ‘to dance’ and was selected to give the festival an authentic Australian feel.

The festival’s ethos is ‘great stories inspire change’ and it supports students exploring careers in the performing and creative arts, design and management.

This dynamic and inspirational program will be supported by the Victorian Government with a $200,000 funding contribution for this year’s festival, which promotes young people’s mental wellbeing and physical health, creativity and social connections.

There is also an investment of more than $100,000 towards Wakakirri’s accredited training program, which supports young people’s career pathways.

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