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Hoppers Level Crossing Gone for Good 9th December.

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The level crossing on Old Geelong Road in Hoppers Crossing will be gone for good on Thursday 9 December – with a new road bridge being built over the rail line to directly connect Princes Highway to Old Geelong Road.

This dangerous and congested level crossing impedes the flow of around 18,000 vehicles each day, including emergency vehicles, patients, and staff travelling to the nearby Werribee Mercy Hospital.

The boom gates in Hoppers Crossing can be down for up to 36 percent of the morning peak when up to 25 trains run through the crossings.

Major construction is now underway to open the new 220-metre road bridge within the next few weeks. The bridge includes nearly 1,000 meters of on and off-ramps and has a surface area of nearly 40,000 square meters. More than 95 percent of 16,000 tonnes of asphalt has already been laid.

Works will also soon get underway on the development of improved community spaces and new landscaped areas, as well as a new pedestrian overpass to give locals better and safer access to Hoppers Crossing Station.


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The Heaths Road and Morris Road intersection will also be upgraded, with optimised traffic light phasing introduced to make traffic flow more efficient.  It will see traffic lights installed at two brand new intersections on either side of the road bridge, including a new intersection linked with on and off-ramps to the Princes Freeway.